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Invo Vac

The RJ Meditechs Private Limited Invo Vac, NPWT Dressing Kit - Your Complete Wound Management Arsenal. This kit encompasses polyurethane foam, a suction trackpad, a wound measuring scale, and a self-adhesive drape sheet. To ensure unparalleled safety, superior quality, and remarkable efficacy, it's imperative to exclusively pair the Invo Vac NPWT device with RJ Meditechs' Invo Vac, NPWT Dressing Kits, and NPWT device disposables. We do not recommend the use of alternate wound dressing brands, as they are incompatible with the Invo Vac NPWT system.

  • Direct Stimulation of Epithelial Cell Proliferation and Migration
  • Promotion of Granulation Tissue Formation
  • Increased Local Blood Perfusion
  • Reduction of Localized Oedema
  • Creation of a Moist, Enclosed Wound Healing Environment
  • Effective Removal of Wound Exudate and Infectious Materials

Explore Precision Healing with Invo Vac NPWT, Offering Controlled Negative Pressure Ranging from -25mmHg in Gradual Increments.

Discover Invo Vac NPWT's Comprehensive Safety Parameters, Including Leakage Alarms, Canister Alerts, Battery Status Updates, and More. At Invo Vac, we're revolutionizing wound healing through innovation, intelligence, and excellence. Welcome to a new era of advanced care.

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